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Our Mission

All great games have something in common. There's something magical about them. There was a time when game development, too, was magical. We want that time back, for good.

Our vision is to bring back magic to game development, so we can leave behind a striving industry for future generations of game creators.

Why does it matter?

Humans have been playing games since the dawn of time, as a tool for learning, stimulating our cognitive abilities, and creating social bonds.


Today, games have become the most influential form of entertainment, and a huge part of our social interactions.


Their impact on individual and social behaviors cannot be ignored.

Made right, they can bring people together and be a catalyst for leaning, personal growth, and a richer social life.

wrong, they can perverse relationships, create addiction and ultimately undermine personal growth.


We believe in the right kind of games, and we believe that it is our responsibility, as professionals, to work hard to make them a reality.

Such an ambitious vision can only be realized with a team of talented individuals driven by the right values.

We make decisions every day. Many of these decisions are driven by what we feel is the right thing to do; right for us, right for our peers, right for the project, right for the company, right for the industry, etc.


What guides us in our decision-making is our moral compass, which in turn relies on shared values.

Our values are simple, but powerful when applied with sincerity:

be true, be brave, be kind, be wise

Lean more about our culture on our blog.

Please also have a look at our career page to discover our vision about work.

be true
be brave
be kind
be wise

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