• Guillaume Hansali, CEO, guitarist, and wine lover

3 questions

Why does our company exist?

To bring back magic to game development so that we can leave behind a thriving industry for future generations of game creators.

Why Japan?

  • Because it was once a powerful source of creative mana and a source of inspiration for many aspiring wizards around the globe.

  • That source of mana was perverted by uninitiated who didn’t care about their craft and only cared about profit.

  • But it is still out there and must be rediscovered.

Why do we get out of bed every morning?

  • To get better at our craft

  • To inject magic in the projects we are working on

  • To save our industry, one game at a time

  • To leave our industry better than when we found it

  • To prepare the future generation of creators, and ultimately the future of gaming

Why should anyone care?

Humans have been playing games since the dawn of time as a tool for learning, simulating situations, and creating social bonds.

Today, games have become the most influential form of entertainment and a considerable part of our social interactions; their impact on individual and social behaviors cannot be ignored.

Made right, they can bring people together and be a catalyst for learning, personal growth, and a richer social life.

Made wrong, they can perverse relationships, create addiction, and ultimately undermine personal growth.

And also

  • Because games are an important part of our childhood that we cherish

  • Because the future of gaming depends on its creators, and they are in peril at the hand of dark forces (too dramatic?).

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