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Bringing back magic to
Game Development

So we can leave behind a thriving industry for future generations of game creators

Making games is
our profession

Founded in 2008, Wizcorp has built a reputation of expertise, creativity, and professionalism.

For us, making games is more than a passion, it is our profession.

Full Game

From concept to release and liveOps, we can turn your game idea into a product reality

Porting & Integration

We can help you expand your market by porting your game to more hardware and platforms

Core Engineering

Our technical expertise covers a wide range of specialties, from game engine optimization to network scalability and tools development

Concepts & Prototyping

Great games are made from amazing ideas. We can help you find them


Japan + World

Part of Keywords Studios group since 2019, Wizcorp offers the conviviality of a human sized studio combined with the global footprint of an international leader in technical services tailored to the gaming industry.

We strongly believe in the importance of preserving our profession and are very vocal about working conditions.

We don't work "hard", we work "smart", and ultimately, as a company, we care only about two things:

  1. the wellbeing of our staff

  2. the best interests of our clients

If you're interested in learning more about our culture, please have a look at our vision page and our blog.

Wizcorp in a few numbers


Founded 13 years ago


Games developed



Average experience of our staff



Average paid vacations used per year



Average monthly overtime

Featured Clients


Do you believe, like us, that game development ought to be magical?

Wizcorp is a team of passionate and talented creative minds driven by one common goal: to bring back magic to game development.

If that speaks to you, please have a look at our current openings. We'd love to hear from you.

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